Henry County Engineers Office

Snow and Ice Removal

Phone: (419) 592-2976

Fax: (419) 592-5508

Surveyor: (419) 599-2327

Mapping Department: (419) 592-6375

Highway Garage: (419) 592-5946

E-mail: Henry County Engineer


The Henry County Engineer’s Office has salt for $36.92 per ton for the 2017-2018 snow season.  


Any of Henry County’s villages, townships or school districts may pick up salt at the highway garage for:

· $24.50 / ton for 2:1 Stone:Salt mix with 3 gal/ton of deicer

· $36.92 / ton for rock salt

Please call the Highway Department (592-5946) to verify availability.


Your life, as well as the life of your passengers and others on the highways, depends on the decisions you make: Please Be Careful.



To contact us:

Snow and Ice Links:

Henry County Sheriff

Press the link above to find out if Henry County is in a snow emergency and what each snow emergency level means.


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Department of Public Safety—Winter Driving Tips Brochure



Get winter weather road conditions instantly.  This website gives you the most up-to-date road conditions without having to pick up the phone.  The website allows you access to Webcams, snow fall totals, pavement temperature, precipitation type, road conditions, number of crews and much more!



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