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The County Engineer and his staff are responsible for the planning, design, construction and maintenance of 406 miles of County highways, 295 bridges and approximately 3,000 culverts. Bridge responsibilities include an annual inspection of all County bridges to determine their safe load-carrying capacity. Maintenance responsibilities during the winter months involve the removal of snow and ice from the County roadways.

The County Engineer provides advice and direction to the Township Trustees to assist the Townships in their maintenance of the Township roadway system.

As County Surveyor, the Engineer is responsible for maintaining section corners and survey records, keeping County tax maps current and reviewing property descriptions prior to transfer.

The Engineer and the County Commissioners contract with the Henry County Soil & Water Conservation District to provide County ditch maintenance.

Additional duties of the County Engineer include reviewing and issuing utility and driveway permits within the County road rights-of-way and assigning new addresses throughout the unincorporated area of Henry County.


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